Penny Slot Games

While many penny slot games are available at online casinos, specifically Tiger Gaming, players need to realize that betting often ranges between one or two cents. But then you have to take a look at the slot itself. If the slot has five or more pay lines, and you are only betting one cent, the cost of playing the game can be higher. If the slot is a classic 3-reel, 1-pay line slot, then it makes sense that you can bet a penny without going over your total bet of one cent.

Penny Slots Are Not Always Cheap to Play

Many of the slots at Tiger Gaming have a betting range of one or two cents. If you want to maximize your profits, players would have to play more than classic slots. If the slot game has 20 pay lines, and the slot bet is two cents minimum, you would be betting 40 cents per spin. What is the point of playing the game if 40 cents is all one can gamble? Thus, the cost of playing a 2-cent slot is not realistic.

You Don't Have to Bet the Max on Slots

Understand that you don't have to bet the max on every slot game, but it is advisable to bet every pay line to win something. In my reviews of slot games, I always provide players with the minimum and maximum bets. If the max bet is too high, I tell players to use the lower coin denominations. However, players may spend more on penny slots, especially if they have more than one pay line.

Test Out Games Before Playing for Real Money

One of the best ways to determine if a slot game, regardless of the number of pay lines, is the right slot for you is to test out the game via Demo Mode or Instant Play. Find the game you like the most and one that has a high return to the player. If the betting range starts with one cent or two cents, you may want to stick to the classic slots. But if you rather play the multi-line slots, then check them out first.