Betting Opportunities

At Tiger Gaming, there are many betting opportunities. But the one that most online players utilize is Live Sports Betting. It is exciting, fun, and can be lucrative for the player.

Quick Betting

At Tiger Gaming's Live Sports Betting, there is a box to the right of the Sports Betting page that allows for Quick Betting. When players check on the Quick Bets Box, this info will come up: "By checking "Quick Bet," all your picks will be submitted using the value entered in the box without the need of confirming the selection in the Bet Slip." Players can then click on Accept, and the bet is placed.

What Type of Bets is Available in Live Sports Betting?

There is a Now Live box that will tell you how many sports games you can bet on when you click on the down arrow. For example, the Now Live box shows there are 22 sports events taking place. The first one is NFL Football. There are three games you can bet on depending upon which team you favor the most.

Essential Links for Live Sports Betting

To get into the sports betting mode, there are links at the top of the page that will take you to Event view, Multiviews of the ongoing games, Your wages, Calendar of events, and Rules.


Tiger Gaming also offers sports betting, which is its main feature. Here you can find sports games from A to Z, use Popular Picks, Specials and Props, Futures, and more. Players can use a Bet Slip once they join Tiger Gaming.

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